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The Starkey Z Series

Starkey Hearing Aids Sun City WestYou’ve come to terms with your hearing loss. Now is the time to do a little shopping. First, and foremost, make sure you go to a reputable hearing specialist. One that understands fully all of your individual concerns and is licensed in your state. Here is where things can get tricky. There are so many choices in hearing aids on the market and all of them boast complicated technical terms. Well don’t you worry. This is a great “beginner’s guide” to Starkey.



Starkey Overview

Starkey Laboratories is highly regarded as a world leader in the industry. When you’ve been making hearing aids since 1973 you pick up some important details. William Austin, founder of Starkey as we know it today, began offering devices with a warranty. That was unheard of at the time. He felt so confident that the population would fall in love with his low profile hearing aids. You know what? He was right.


The Not So Basics

With Starkey being the first to offer hearing aids with moisture resistance, in-canal aid style and nanotechnology, it’s no wonder they were also a leader in “Made for iPhone” capabilities as well. Yes, folks, hearing aids have come a long way since Reagan was president. First time hearing aid users place their top priorities as either price or discretion (invisibility). We get it, you don’t want to look like you’re wearing a Chevy hubcap on your ear. Most modern hearing aids come with directional microphones to enhance conversational tones as well as a background noise cancelling system.



Since the Starkey name comes guaranteed with quality and patient satisfaction, there’s no need to worry about that. Let’s move on the design of the hearing aid you’ve got your eye on. The Receiver-In-Canal style hearing aid provides the discretion you seek with the all-day wearability that you need. It also comes fully customizable to meet your specific issues. After all, nobody’s listening experience is quite like anybody else’s so you don’t want a one size fits all hearing aid.



Starkey knows that no two people lose their hearing in quite the same way. That’s why they developed the “Real Ear Technology” to fit each device with the ear that will wear it. Some people have lost the cells needed to interpret speech, some just higher frequencies, but when you consider the differences in each person’s ear canal length and size, hearing is actually quite complicated. Enter Drive Architecture. This, in simple terms, describes the way that the microprocessors enhance hearing with a powerful computer built in to each tiny hearing aid. (If you’re into algorithms, look it up, it’s pretty impressive.)


The Starkey Z Series hearing aids have all you’ll need wrapped up in a discreet package. Contact our practice to schedule a hearing test and consultation. We can decide together how best to customize the settings on your hearing aid. This will ensure the best of comfort and performance.




Welcome to the age that acts on hearing loss and doesn’t play victim. Knowing how important your mental health, family and work life are to you, we seek to provide the very best in hearing aid technology, patient care and affordability.

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