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Starkey Halo Hearing Aid

Starkey Halo Hearing Aid Review & Information:

Last year, Starkey introduced the Halo hearing aid, one of the first hearing aids made specifically for use with your iPhone.

Coupled with its TruLink app, the Halo device is not only revolutionary but trendy as well!  It can stream phone calls and music right from your iPhone, iPad, and iPod. Also, if you needed another reason to convince your wife to let you get that Apple watch – just let her know that it also works with the Halo aid!


What makes Halo different?

starkey halo reviewsThe Halo device offers industry-leading hearing aid technology along with one of the most advanced feedback canceling system.  This effectively eliminates any potential buzzing and whistling sounds, therefore providing an optimal listening experience.


It also works incredibly well in noisy environments thanks to its advanced noise reducing technology and the built in directional microphones.  Halo’s patented technology also offers improved high frequency audibility.  This works by instantly replacing high frequency sounds with easier to hear lower frequencies – making everything easier to hear and understand.  Halo provides enhanced phone communication as well as music and media sound.  Calls are streamed directly from the phone to your hearing aids allowing you to relax and take phone calls with ease.


Halo is compatible with iPhones, iPads, and iPods as well as some Samsung Galaxy and HTC one devices.  These reliable and hassle free hearing aids can be adjusted remotely using your phone.


For active wearers, the aids boast a Hydrashield2 Nano-coating to repel water and protect your hearing aids while you are out and about.  Even more, the Sound Space tool on the TruLink application allows minor adjustments to sound quality to customize your sound experience.


What is the TruLink app?

starkey halo hearing aidsTruLink is a free application that can be downloaded to your smartphone to allow you to use and make adjustments to the Halo hearing aid.  Among its many options is a save sound setting, which allows you to save locations you frequently visit along with the sound settings used in that environment.  If you enable geotagging, the phone will automatically make adjustments when it recognizes your saved locations.



The live microphone allows you to record, playback, and email in real time or listen and save for later.  TruLink also allows you to use your iPhone as a microphone.  By laying your phone on the table you can listen to group conversations transmitted directly to your hearing aid.


It also allows for pristine streaming of not only audio conversations, but music, videos, face time, and Siri among others.  Best of all, it has a find my hearing aid option, so you will never have to hunt for your hearing aids again!


About the Starkey brand

Starkey Hearing Aids Sun City WestStarkey is the only American owned and operated provider of hearing solutions and is headquartered in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.  Their hearing aids bring measurable improvements and continuously enhance lives through better hearing.  Starkey is in the business of connecting people and changing lives.