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Sonic Innovations Hearing Aids

Sonic Innovations, founded in 1991, is a hearing aid manufacturer that offers a number of digital hearing aids to people with different types of hearing loss. They are one of the fastest growing hearing aid manufacturers partly due to the company’s development of patented digital signal processing technologies that can be used in hearing aids through a microchip. They focus on creating aids that mimic natural hearing as closely as possible through extensive research on the human ear.

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Sonic Innovations Bliss

The Sonic Innovations Bliss hearing aid is ideal for people seeking a small hearing aid; the Bliss miniBTEis very discreet while the Bliss Invisible-in-the-Canal (IIC) is practically invisible on most ears.  Built on Sonic Innovation’s Speech Variable Processing Technology Platform, Bliss provides users with a rich, natural quality to everyday sounds.

Sonic Innovations Flip

The Sonic Innovations Flip hearing aid is a miniRIC (Receiver-in-Canal) device that is discreet and packed with many features including noise reducing systems, feedback cancelation, and speech variable processing. The aid can be connected to all of your audio devices including your TV, cell phone, landline, digital music, PC’s and more. The Flip miniRIC takes a size 13 battery which offers weeks of battery life for most users.

Sonic Innovations Pep

The Sonic Innovations Pep hearing aid is ideal for first-time hearing aid users who have basic hearing needs. Pep includes the latest digital technologies to improve your overall hearing and increase your comfort as a first time hearing aid wearer. Plus, Pep is modern and stylish, not to mention discreet and easy to operate. It is designed to easily fit into your active lifestyle with models such as their lightweight Behind-The-Ear (BTE) hearing aid style with easy push-button operation. Pep is also available in discreet and custom Canal styles that are nearly undetectable. All styles come in four different colors to match your unique hair and skin tone.

Sonic Innovations Charm

Sonic Innovations Charm hearing aids are easy-to-use devices with all of the essential and important features you need for better hearing. Speech Variable Processing focuses on speech sounds, increasing your understanding and allowing you to more easily engage in conversations. The Charm hearing aids also offer a variety of noise reduction technologies to reduce the distraction of background noises in your environment. Directional systems help you to focus your attention on the sounds and conversations that you would like to hear. Finally, their Adaptive Feedback Canceller helps recognize and remove feedback before it starts allowing you to enjoy feedback-free listening.

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