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Siemens binax

For the past 130 years, Siemens has been a leader in the field of hearing aid technology and manufacturing. With Alexander Graham Bell’s invention of the telephone in the early 20th century, Siemens produced an amplified telephone receiver to assist people who were hard of hearing. Siemens was the first hearing aid manufacturer to produce the behind-the-ear hearing aid (1959) and the first in-the-ear hearing aid (1966). This history of innovation reached a pinnacle in 2014, with the introduction of the Siemens binax hearing aid, winner of the 2015 Gold Edison Award for its groundbreaking design and functionality.



Binaural hearing outperforms normal hearing

Based on two independent studies, conducted by the University of Northern Colorado and the Hearing Center of the University of Oldenburg in Germany, the Siemens binax hearing aid was found conclusively to outperform normal hearing in challenging environments.

With hearing loss, speech recognition and spatial awareness may become difficult as the ear cannot focus and discern between competing sounds. Even in noisy situations such as busy restaurants and parties, people with normal hearing may struggle to follow conversations. The Siemens binax enables people who are hard of hearing to hear more accurately and clearly than people with normal hearing in these environments. Both studies found that “when aided with this technology, sentence recognition in surrounding background noise was significantly superior compared to individuals with normal hearing.”

At the same time, the Siemens binax is inspired and influenced by normal, binaural hearing. The binax is equipped with e2e wireless technology, which creates a network of eight microphones (four per hearing aid) that interact and digitally exchange audio information between two hearing aids, giving wearers a better sense of their surroundings, high quality of sound, and improved speech recognition.


Innovative features

The Siemens binax is equipped with the following features, which in conjunction with the e2e wireless technology, provides wearers with a seamless and enhanced listening experience, called High Definition Sound Resolution (HDSR):


  • Narrow directionality: This feature uses the eight-microphone network and allows wearers to focus on the source of sound and speech, whether it comes from the front, back, or sides of the wearer. The audio data is received from a “directional beamform” which receives sounds from the wearer’s environment and allows them to hone in on the sounds they want to hear.
  • Spatial speech focus: Addressing the major difficulty of hearing loss, speech recognition, the binax spatial speech focus feature improves directionality in cross conversation, especially in busy environments or situations where there are multiple speakers. This feature also suppresses background noise, and activates automatically.
  • eWindScreen: This automatic feature reduces wind noise and also recognizes if the wind noise comes from one side of the wearer. In this situation, the eWindScreen feature automatically cleans and transfers audio data from the unaffected side to the windy side, creating a clear balance for the wearer in adverse weather conditions.
  • touchControl app and easyTek app: The Siemens binax hearing aid is compatible with smart phones and may be controlled with touchControl and easyTek apps. These apps allow the wearer to control volume, frequency, and program features on their phones, as they would a remote control.



Hearing aid styles

siemens binax hearing aidsThe Siemens binax is a powerful hearing instrument with long battery life. It is available in both receiver-in-canal and behind-the ear styles. All models are sleekly designed, discreet, and fully customizable for the best fit. Receiver-in-canal styles include the Ace binax, Pure binax, and Carat binax, while the behind-the-ear model is the Motion binax. All models offer tinnitus therapy.


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