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Siemens Hearing Aids


Siemens Hearing Instruments has been in the hearing aid industry for over 130 years and is the largest manufacturers of hearing aids in the world. They are dedicated to producing advanced technology that help people with all degrees of hearing loss in a comfortable and discreet manner.  They offer a wide range of hearing aids including their innovative aid, the completely waterproof Siemens Aquaris. Their current product line includes a full-range of hearing aids, from many nearly invisible in-the-ear hearing aids to behind the ear options with a range of technologies and hearing loss solutions depending on individuals’ needs.

Siemens Aquaris Hearing Aid az

Siemens Aquaris™ | Waterproof Hearing Aids

The Siemens Aquaris™ hearing aid is the only truly waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof hearing aid available. The Aquaris is resistant to dust, perspiration, and humidity, and therefore the ideal choice for those who spend time in demanding environments. Whether your work or hobbies have you working in a garden, sweating at the gym, building sandcastles, showering, swimming—the Siemens Aquaris gives you peace of mind that it can handle it all, while delivering outstanding sound quality.

Siemens Insio™  | Nearly Invisible Hearing Aids

The Siemens Insio™ hearing aid  is a custom fit aid that is available in either a Completely-in-Canal (CIC) or a Invisible-in-Canal (IIC) style. The Insio aid will automatically adjust to your personal hearing preferences and programs for different hearing situations—restaurants, concerts, motorcycle riding—and it offers excellent sound quality and speech understanding. Insio also features wireless connectivity for direct connection to a wide variety of sound sources and a tinnitus therapy feature.

Siemens Ace™ | Discreet BTE Hearing Aids

The Siemens Ace™ hearing aid is a behind the ear (BTE) aid designed to be ultra-discreet and technologically advanced. The Ace hearing aid is moisture and water-resistant with an IP67 rating. This hearing aid will automatically sense ambient sounds and filter them out to improve your listening experience and speech intelligibility. The aid offers a host of important features such as tinnitus control, directional microphones, and exchangeable housing that matched hair and skin tones.

Siemens miniTek® | Wireless Bluetooth Connectivity

The Siemens miniTek is a bluetooth hearing aid accessory that serves as an automatic streamer and remote control allowing you to simultaneously sync all your chosen audio devices with your Siemens hearing aid.  This convenient and easy to set up bluetooth device is compatible with the Siemens Pure, Motion, Nitro BTE, Life, Aquaris, and Insio 7mi/5mi.

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