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GN ReSound Hearing Aids


GN ReSound is one of the world’s largest providers of hearing aids with it’s headquarters located in Ballerup, Denmark.  The company has been in the business of making hearing aids since the 1940’s and has offered a number of hearing aid industry firsts. Most recently, ReSound released the first “Made for iPhone” hearing aid, the ReSound LiNX. Other current hearing aids offered by ReSound are the ReSound Verso, ReSound ENZO, ReSound Alera, ReSound Alera TS, ReSound Vea, ReSound Magna, and dot2 by ReSound.

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Made for iPhone Hearing Aid | ReSound LiNX

The ReSound LiNX, made for iPhone hearing aid allow you to stream stereo music, phone calls, audiobooks and other audio directly from your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. You can easily personalize your hearing experience with their ReSound SmartTM app available in the App Store. You can also hear far-away voices and TV with ReSound UniteTM wireless accessories.  The aids also have a feature called Binaural Environmental Optimizer II which ensures that your hearing aids automatically regulate volume according to where you are and adjusts itself without you having to change a thing. If you happen to lose your hearing aids, you can easily located your aids using the ReSound Smart app on your Apple device!

ReSound Alera Hearing Aids


All ReSound Alera hearing aids are coated with ReSound’s iSolate nanotech special coating specifically designed to protect your aids against moisture. They also come with wireless connectivity options, which means that you can stream sound directly from TV, phone and other audio devices, using ReSound Unite accessories. The Alera hearing aid is available is many different styles including Reciever-in-the-Canal (RIC), Behind-the-Ear (BTE), and Completely-in-the-Canal (CIC).

ReSound Verso Hearing Aids

The ReSound Verso® hearing aid uses a unique technology created by ReSound, called Binaural Fusion™, to provide users with a listening experience that more closely replicates the way hearing naturally works.

Binaural Fusion delivers rich, full sound while reducing background noise and offering superior feedback management. The hearing aid is very easy to use and handle.  Verso is available in three different technology levels: Verso 9 for demanding listening environments, Verso 7 for moderate listening environments and Verso 5 for quiet listening environments.

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