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Oticon BrainHearing Technology

Oticon’s mission, “People first,” has been the goal since the very beginning of the company. In 1903, a Danish man named Hans Demant traveled to England to buy a hearing aid for his wife, and upon his return, began a business to import hearing aids to help others in Denmark. In the years that followed, Demant’s son William was devoted to innovating hearing devices, and during World War II, began to manufacture the first Oticon models. Nowadays, Oticon is a leading manufacturer of hearing aids, supported with research by the Ericksholm Institute, and maintains their commitment to providing people with powerful, sophisticated hearing aids.



It’s your brain that hears, not your ears!

Based on the research that hearing occurs in the brain – not in the ear – Oticon introduced Brain Hearing Technology in October 2014. In the auditory process, the outer ear receives sound in waves, which are then amplified by the ear drum in the middle ear. These vibrations are sent to the inner ear, where they are translated into neural signals to be sent to the brain. With certain types of hearing loss, the brain is no longer engaged as it would be with normal hearing, and as it struggles to make sense of inconsistent sound signals, the brain may grow tired. Oticon’s Brain Hearing Technology assists the brain in the hearing process by helping to make sense of sounds in your environment as well as with speech recognition.


Four innovative features

Powered by the Inium Processor, Oticon Brain Hearing Technology hearing aids offer the following innovative features: Speech Guard E, Spatial Sound, Free Focus, and YouMatic.


With hearing loss, speech recognition may prove difficult, which is where Speech Guard E steps in. This feature assists with speech recognition in busy environments that may prove challenging. Spatial Sound helps to situate wearers in their environment, taking in sounds in a binaural sense and focusing in on the sounds they want to hear.


Similarly, the Free Focus feature allows wearers to zoom in on the sounds they want to hear and shift between conversations with ease. The YouMatic feature allows wearers for personalization when it comes to their listening experience.


Wireless technology


Oticon is one of the first hearing aid manufacturers to offer wireless devices. Brain Hearing technology is available in wireless hearing aids, which also have the capability to connect to wearers’ personal electronic devices, smartphones, and home entertainment systems. Now, wearers can directly stream music, media, and conversations from their devices to their Oticon hearing aids and talk hands-free. Oticon also offers a home entertainment system called ConnectLine, for a better media experience. Additionally, most Oticon hearing aids come offer the option of connectivity with a small remote control, which allows wearers who may have difficulty with small buttons or controls a more streamlined experience to adjust volumes and program settings.


Custom styles and choices


Oticon Brain Hearing Technology hearing aids come in a wide range of styles, with customized fits, as well as a sleek, discreet design. From in-the-ear to behind-the-ear options and many more, Oticon hearing aids such as Nera, Alta, and Ria are coated for protection against dust and the elements. Oticon also boasts a wireless program for customization called FittingLINK, which allows hearing professionals to finely-tune and tailor the hearing aid to their clients’ needs.

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