The Best Starkey Hearing Aids of 2015

The Best Starkey Hearing Aids of 2015

Suffering a hearing loss is a difficult situation for those affected to deal with. But, hearing loss is common, 1 in 4 Baby Boomers suffer from hearing loss, 50 percent of those over 75 have hearing issues and men are more likely women to suffer from hearing loss. Nevertheless, Starkey Hearing Technologies manufactures a complete line of advanced hearing aid products, and may be able to help you. Starkey is a United States based manufacturing company that has been a leader in hearing aid products for the last 50 years. At each of our Arizona based hearing aid practices, our experienced team can test your hearing and recommend a Starkey hearing aid that is just right for you.

Top Three of Many Excellent Starkey Hearing Aids




Halo iPhone/Android Compatible Hearing Aids

When the Halo hearing aid by Starkey is paired with an iPhone, iPad, or iPod using the trailing app, it can stream music, phone calls and more from your device right to your Halo hearing aid. You can choose from two styles, a receiver in the canal (RIC) and a behind the ear (BTE) style. Just recently, Starkey announced that there is now limited availability of Android devices. The two Android phones with TruLink capability are the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and S 5. Starkey has said that more Android devices are in the pipeline and will be available soon.
Features of these mobile device matched hearing aids include,

  • Advanced noise reduction for more comfortable hearing of voices when there is background noise.
  • Elimination of buzzing and whistling
  • Changes high frequency sounds into low frequency sounds for easier and more comfortable hearing.
  • Streams phone calls and music or other media directly from your mobile device to your hearing aid for unparalleled hearing experiences.
  • Using the TruLink app, users can make simple adjustments to the sound quality of your hearing aid that meets your own preferences.
  • The HydraShield coating protects it from moisture exposure.



Invisible Hearing Aids by Starkey

Many people prefer a hearing aid that does not show. The Starkey SoundLens is made to be hidden in the second bend of the ear canal. For most people, when properly fitted by a hearing aid professional, the Starkey IIC with SoundLens is invisible. These hearing aids can be custom fitted by our experienced hearing aid specialists. The SoundLens is designed to work for those who have hearing loss ranging from mild to moderately severe loss. For added discretion, the SoundLens comes with four color choices for the unit’s faceplate.
Starkey IIC hearing aids are the brand’s best seller. Besides being invisible, it improves hearing in places with loud background noises such as restaurants, outside and, driving. Also, you can listen to music without the annoyance of feedback and you can enjoy clear sound again.
SoundLens hearing aids are treated so that they are protected from moisture. These aids feature,

  • Assistance in hearing high-frequency sounds by making high-frequency speech cues into lower frequencies which are easier to hear.
  • Advance noise reduction and speech recognition system that allows for easy speech recognition and cuts listening effort.
  • SoundLens products have no buzzing or whistling



Hearing Amplifiers

Hearing Amplifiers are great for those who are just beginning to experience hearing loss. The AMP unit by Starkey Hearing Technologies is an excellent choice for first time hearing aid wearers. In most ears, it is completely invisible and Starkey designed it for easy removal to allow for better ear health.
Stop asking people to repeat themselves, enjoy clear hearing without feedback at meetings, watching TV, at dinner, or just at home with the family. The difference will be amazing, if your hearing professional recommends this Starkey product.
Each member of our licensed team is specially trained to fit a wide range of hearing aids, including Starkey hearing aids. Starkey is proud of the independent hearing aid practices who work hard to ensure a great fit and proper software adjustments for your new hearing aid. Call now for an appointment and start hearing sounds as you remember them!


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