Repair your hearing aids or purchase new?


Repair your Hearing Aids or Purchase New?
5 Things to Consider:


Your hearing aid is not working or broken.  Now, you’re asking yourself, “Should I repair or replace it?” The answer to that question depends on a number of factors. Here are some things to consider as you make your decision.


1.) The age of your hearing aids

How old is your current hearing aid? Most hearing aids should be replaced every three to five years. While they can function for more than five years, listening quality decreases with age. If your warranty has expired, it might be more expensive (or equally expensive) to repair your hearing aid than to replace it.


2.) Extent of Damage

Most hearing aids require some service every year.  Humidity, earwax, and debris can lead to common issues that can be fixed with routine repairs. On the other hand, you may have to replace a hearing aid that’s suffered extensive damage.  After all, hearing aids can’t survive being run over by a car.


3.) Your Active Lifestyle

Have you limited or quit doing some of the activities you love because you’re afraid you’ll damage your hearing aid?  Technology advances might let you hike, climb, swim, run, and play like you did before. Consider repairing your hearing aid and then getting a hearing aid cover or sleeve. Covers and sleeves protect against dirt, grime, and splashes of water. If you enjoy activities like kayaking or canoeing, consider replacing your hearing aid with a water-resistant one.  Waterproof hearing aids that let you swim are now on the market.


4.) New Features & Technology Advancements

If your hearing aid is more than three years old, you might want to replace it and benefit from the latest hearing aid advancements. New circuitry processes sounds in milliseconds. A faster processing speed prevents whistling and lets you hear comfortably in any environment. Directional microphone and adaptive noise management technology allows you to hear comfortably in noisy places. New wireless connectivity lets you stream cell phone and television audio directly to your hearing aid.  Despite these advances, you may want to repair instead of replace your hearing aid if it still works well.  Newer digital hearing aids have a very different set of sound characteristics.  If you like the way your current hearing aid sounds, you might want to stick with it.



5.) Price

Let’s face it – price plays a major factor in whether you repair or replace your hearing aids.  New hearing aids may cost you thousands while a repair may cost you a couple hundred.  On the other hand, some insurance policies will fully or partly cover new hearing aids but not cover repairs.



At Emery Hearing Centers, each of our specialists is trained to offer hearing aid repair on most makes and models. We invite you to contact our friendly practice to arrange a hearing aid repair appointment with one of our friendly hearing professionals



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