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Signia Primax: An Overview

Proving again that good things come in small packages, Sivantos, the creator of Siemens hearing devices, has recently unveiled the multifunctional Signia Primax, a breakthrough in assistive hearing technology. The Primax makes natural, effortless hearing possible again for those with many different levels of hearing needs. Unique customization options and focused amplification bring the wearer clarity and increased listening ease in difficult audial environments such as restaurants and other crowded places. According to Sivantos, the Primax is the first aid clinically proven by independent studies to reduce listening effort in difficult sound settings such as these. The Primax’s perfect balance of sound quality and audibility ensures that the wearer will experience superior listening comfort, no matter the setting.


Speechmaster – Clear Communication in Noisy Settings

Carrying on conversations in loud settings and public places can prove to be one of the biggest challenges for those with hearing loss. In an environment like a busy restaurant, echoes and background noise overwhelm the hearing-impaired listener and make the speech of others sound mumbled and vague. The Signia Primax has been equipped with a feature to reduce the exhausting effort of communicating in places such as these. Speechmaster is a unique program which adapts to the acoustic environment and aims amplification towards the main source of speech, while using precise directionality to reduce background noise. With the Primax, wearers will be able to enjoy socializing again, in public places and any number of difficult sound environments.

EchoShield – Reduced Reverberations

Lecture halls, auditoriums, and other large, vaulted places can pose a different acoustic challenge to the hearing-impaired, as distracting echoes and reverberations often get in the way of the primary audio source. With this in mind, the Primax has been designed with EchoShield, a feature which analyzes both direct and reflected sounds, gently amplifying the former while reducing the latter. The result? Softer reflections will not be over-amplified, reverberation will be reduced overall, and the wearer will be able to fully experience cultural events without audial distractions.

HD Music – Superior Sound Quality

The Primax offers unique benefits to musicians and music lovers alike thanks to its HD music capabilities. Using high-frequency-enhancing 12 kHz extended bandwidth, this device offers three unique programs which have been designed to enrich sound quality, whether the wearer is performing music, listening to recorded music, or attending a live concert. With this feature, music lovers can once again experience the full depth and resonance of every note.

TwinPhone – Natural Telephone Conversations

Although many hearing devices offer hands-free versions for phone calls, many people with hearing loss still prefer to hold their phone to their ear. To meet the needs of these listeners, Sivantos has equipped the Primax with TwinPhone, a feature which improves phone conversations by allowing wearers to hold the phone to one ear, but receive the amplified signal to both ears, making the Primax ideal for those with one-sided hearing loss. The TwinPhone feature is compatible with all phones, whether Bluetooth®-enabled or not.

CROS and BiCROS Solutions – Effortless Hearing in Both Ears

The Signia Primax offers another benefit for those with one-sided hearing loss: CROS and BiCROS technology. A CROS Pure® transmitter is worn behind the ear without the aid, and the audio signal is wirelessly transferred to the Primax device on the other side, allowing the wearer to hear sounds from both sides. Based on e2e wireless™ 3.0, this feature conserves energy while increasing binaural sound quality overall. With CROS and BiCROS solutions, those with one-sided hearing impairment will be able to hear more comfortably, and with greater overall understanding.