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Hearing Aid Repair Services


We have skilled hearing aid technician on staff that can repair nearly every make and model of hearing aid. We perform most hearing aid repairs in-house and can send your broken hearing aids to the manufacturer for more extensive repair if necessary.  Getting your aids working again is easy with Emery Hearing Centers.
Simply give us a call or stop by any of our three locations to discuss what is happening with your devices.

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Frequently asked questions about hearing aid repair:

How quickly can you repair my hearing aids?

If we are unable to fix your hearing aids in-house, then we will send them to the original manufacturer on your behalf for repair. The typical turnaround for hearing aid repairs is 7-10 days. However, this can vary slightly according to your hearing aid’s manufacturer and the type of repair that is needed.


Can you send them to the manufacturer for me?

Yes, absolutely. We are able to send your hearing aids in for repair for nearly every manufacturer. On average the repairs take about 7-10 days to be completed and returned to our office. Upon arrival, we will have you visit our office to make sure that your hearing aids are programmed correctly to your loss and the repair is satisfactory.

If I originally purchased my aids elsewhere, can you still help?

We would be happy to assist you! If your hearing aids are still under warranty, then you are only responsible for shipping charges. If they are out of warranty then we can repair them for a small fee.

What repairs are covered by my warranty?

Warranties vary depending on which company manufactured your hearing aid. However, most hearing aid warranties include loss and damage insurance. This means that even if your warranty does not cover a repair, you are able to get your hearing aids repaired or replaced for a small deductible.


My hearing aid warranty has expired. How much will a repair cost?

Our practice is able to repair any hearing aid for a flat fee of $250. Give us a call today to  schedule an appointment with our Specialists.